Monday, October 12, 2009

Movie Review - Mamma Mia

I watched the movie Mamma Mia on HBO last Saturday and even before Ms. Merryl Streep could finish the first song “Money, Money, Money” I fell in love with it. Actually, I’ve heard a lot about the movie from my daughter who kept telling me I should watch it, that it is very good, that I will surely enjoy it, that Merryl Streep is amazing in the movie, etc. Actually, she is not really that great in the movie. I have seen her even greater in her other movies (who can forget her acting in Kramer vs Kramer?) but she sure is wonderful in the musical, played her part very well, so did the other actors.

Indeed, it is a feel good movie; the story line is amusing and has laughs that all ages could enjoy. I loved the dance scenes. As a matter of fact, I was dancing with Donna, Tanya and Ali as they danced and sang to the Dancing Queen. Once more I became enamored with the music of Abba which I was crazy about many, many years ago. The other actors were equally great in this movie – Pierce Brosnan as Sam, Colin Firth as Harry, Stellan Skarsgard as Bill Anderson and of course, Amanda Seyfried as Donna, the young bride-to-be looking for her father. She is just lovable and fantastic. The movie did not reveal who Donna’s real father is, which sits well with me because deep inside I really didn’t want to know. Why? Crazy, but I didn’t want any of the three handsome, dashing and enchanting guys to be disappointed that they are not Donna’s father.

The movie has an interesting shift towards the end but ended up on a very happy note. Of course the movie is not one that will stir or disturb one’s thinking so as to effect as change or inner transformation – which is what good movies are supposed to do. But who cares? It made me feel so good afterwards and made me forget my cares temporarily. Do you know how many times I watched it since that first time? Well, only five (5) times! Hooked? Addicted is more like it, hehehe…..

Watch the movie friends and be ready for some really good laughs and guffaws. Like me, you will find yourself humming to Abba’s songs weeks after watching it.